Demo 2016

by Faze

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released March 2, 2016

Recorded/Mastered by Corey Williams
Demo Tape available on MOSHERS DELIGHT RECORDS



all rights reserved


Faze Florida


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Track Name: Disillusion
Reality is pounding at your door, but never getting through the walls you built so thick. Nothing can faze you. Too blind to notice your own weakness, the hold is wearing thin. Well try to see the truth in these words when I say that we'll chip away, inch by inch, brick by brick.

The cracks are starting to show, and now I think you know that this time it's real! Standing at the edge and drowning in your doubt, just let all of it sink in while you're falling to the ground.

The truth you can find hiding behind your insecurities will crack your dense mind. I will be the one to lay the hammer down. You think you know it all, but believe me when I say we'll chip away inch by inch brick by brick. This time it's real!

Standing at the edge, now there's no way out. Let all of it sink while you're falling down. Without a doubt, this time it's real!
Track Name: Burn

You have a million ways to cheat. The poison that you spit is oozing from your teeth. Well now you've been caught and your backs against the wall.

What goes around comes back around. Rains of fire are falling down. Now its time you get what you've earned. You've fanned the flames so now you're gonna burn.

Giving regret, then take it right back. How long did you think it would take for someone to react. Karma will be more real than you know!

What goes around comes back around. Rains of fire are falling down. Now its time you get what you've earned. You've fanned the flames so fucking burn!
Track Name: Dead Wrong
Its taken so long but now I can finally see. You've always turned your head but now you ask "how could this happen to me?" Just look at what we've built here, and all that we've destroyed. We put no value in human lives.

I thought it would change, but I was dead wrong. I was deceived, I couldn't believe. How could this happen to me? I was deceived, I don't want to believe we could be left with nothing.

The final shot at this (redemption) has passed us by. Open your eyes and see there's no use trying to rewrite the sin, the crimes, our atrocities. But now I can see the poison has made its way to the seed (and there's no cure.) Now the hate has sunken to deep and blackens the roots of our earth.

The blind vision of a new world. I was dead wrong from the start. Life cries at our shallow attempt. Well I was dead wrong from the start.
Track Name: Time
Caught in a maze of self defeat. Constantly searching for death, your only way out and its near! Playing a game with no goal or reward at the end. So what will you do when your time runs out and you come face to face with the man?

Time within time, you've had your chance and threw it to the floor. This was your life, tossed away with nothing to show for it.

You sit and you wait and somehow expect for things to get better. Just a shell of a man beneath a vague disguise. Your transparency is all too apparent, the world see's what you've amounted to. Now you stand face to face with death, and there is nothing you can do.

Now he's come for you..."who?" A man in black to take what was yours. You've been cut off, take a look and watch your world crumble. It's coming down...